Estakhr-e Parvaresh-e Māhī-ye Cheshmeh Bonāb

Estakhr-e Parvaresh-e Māhī-ye Cheshmeh Bonāb is ponds or enclosures in which fish are kept or raised in the county of Iran

Its center lies at a latitude of 30.30312 and longitude of 53.22118 and it has an elevation of 1979 meters above sea level. The prodominant languages spoken are fa-IR,ku and its currency is the Rial (IRR), currently exchanging at 27008.000000 per 1 USD.

Recent earthquakes near Estakhr-e Parvaresh-e Māhī-ye Cheshmeh Bonāb

  • 29km WNW of Do Gonbadan, Iran at a depth of 4.32 with a magnitude of 5.1 more.
  • 44km NE of Dib Dibba, Oman at a depth of 16 with a magnitude of 4.8 more.

  • Photos near Estakhr-e Parvaresh-e Māhī-ye Cheshmeh Bonāb

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