Laguneta Macanché

Laguneta Macanché is a large inland body of standing water in the county of Guatemala

Its center lies at a latitude of 16.96667 and longitude of -89.63333 and it has an elevation of 166 meters above sea level. The prodominant languages spoken are es-GT and its currency is the Quetzal (GTQ), currently exchanging at 7.616500 per 1 USD.

Recent earthquakes near Laguneta Macanché

  • 70km SW of Masachapa, Nicaragua at a depth of 40.79 with a magnitude of 4.8 more.
  • 19km ENE of Jesus Carranza, Mexico at a depth of 123.91 with a magnitude of 4.5 more.
  • 11km SW of Mazatan, Mexico at a depth of 83.32 with a magnitude of 4.8 more.
  • 22km W of Puerto Madero, Mexico at a depth of 10 with a magnitude of 4.2 more.
  • 37km SW of Suchiate, Mexico at a depth of 67.81 with a magnitude of 4.7 more.

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